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Welcome to the Home of the Cyclones

    Cyclones News

    Please join us this Sunday for Cyclones Annual Welcome Back BBQ

    Cyclones Annual 

    Welcome Back BBQ!

    Sunday, August 24th from Noon - 2

    Fox Valley Ice Arena Parking Lot

      Join us again this year, rain or shine, as the Cyclones welcome all our families, new and old, to another great hockey season!

    Bring appetizers, sides, drinks or desserts and we will provide the rest! To make it easy on everyone, if your last name starts with:

    A through G - appetizers, chips or sides

    H through R - drinks

    S through Z - desserts 

    FREE open skate from 1-2

    Countdown to Fall Tryouts


    Cyclones Conditioning Clinic Schedule

    Due to overwhelming demand, we have added additional sessions to our conditioning clinics. Please check your email to understand if your player is in Group A or B. Please note that the groups were divided based on date of registration for the clinics. Thank you!

    Date Day Time Level Rink
    8/18/2014 Mon 4:50p Mite NHL
    8/20/2014 Wed 6:00p Mite INT
    8/21/2014 Thu 6:00p Mite INT
    8/25/2014 Mon 6:00p Mite INT
    8/27/2014 Wed 4:50p Mite NHL
    8/28/2014 Thu 4:50p Mite NHL
    Date Day Time Level Rink
    8/18/2014 Mon 6:00p Squirt A NHL
    8/19/2014 Tue 4:50p Squirt A NHL
    8/22/2014 Fri 4:50p Squirt A INT
    8/26/2014 Tue 5:40p Squirt A NHL
    8/28/2014 Thu 6:00p Squirt A NHL
    8/29/2014 Fri 6:00p Squirt A NHL
    8/19/2014 Tue 6:00p Squirt B NHL
    8/20/2014 Wed 5:20p Squirt B INT
    8/22/2014 Fri 5:40p Squirt B NHL
    8/26/2014 Tue 4:50p Squirt B NHL
    8/28/2014 Thu 4:50p Squirt B INT
    8/29/2014 Fri 4:50p Squirt B NHL
    Date Day Time Level Rink
    8/18/2014 Mon 6:00p PeeWee A INT
    8/20/2014 Wed 6:30p PeeWee A NHL
    8/21/2014 Thu 7:10p PeeWee A INT
    8/25/2014 Mon 7:20p PeeWee A NHL
    8/27/2014 Wed 6:00p PeeWee A NHL
    8/28/2014 Thu 7:10p PeeWee A INT
    8/18/2014 Mon 7:10p PeeWee B INT
    8/20/2014 Wed 7:40p PeeWee B NHL
    8/21/2014 Thu 8:20p PeeWee B INT
    8/25/2014 Mon 6:10p PeeWee B NHL
    8/27/2014 Wed 6:00p PeeWee B INT
    8/28/2014 Thu 6:00p PeeWee B INT
    Date Day Time Level Rink
    8/18/2014 Mon 7:10p Bantam A NHL
    8/19/2014 Tue 7:00p Bantam A INT
    8/22/2014 Fri 6:00p Bantam A INT
    8/25/2014 Mon 8:20p Bantam A INT
    8/26/2014 Tue 8:00p Bantam A NHL
    8/29/2014 Fri 7:20p Bantam A INT
    8/18/2014 Mon 8:20p Bantam B NHL
    8/19/2014 Tue 8:10p Bantam B INT
    8/22/2014 Fri 6:50p Bantam B NHL
    8/25/2014 Mon 7:10p Bantam B INT
    8/26/2014 Tue 6:00p Bantam B INT
    8/29/2014 Fri 6:10p Bantam B INT
    Date Day Time Level Rink
    8/19/2014 Tue 7:10p Midget A NHL
    8/20/2014 Wed 7:10p Midget A INT
    8/22/2014 Fri 7:10p Midget A INT
    8/26/2014 Tue 8:20p Midget A INT
    8/27/2014 Wed 8:20p Midget A INT
    8/29/2014 Fri 8:20p Midget A NHL
    8/19/2014 Tue 8:20p Midget B NHL
    8/20/2014 Wed 8:20p Midget B INT
    8/22/2014 Fri 8:20p Midget B INT
    8/26/2014 Tue 7:10p Midget B INT
    8/27/2014 Wed 7:10p Midget B INT
    8/29/2014 Fri 7:10p Midget B NHL


    The Cyclones Amateur Hockey Association is excited to announce that registration for the 2014/2015 Fall Season is now open!

    Key highlights for 2014/2015 are:
    • Participation in CSDHL, NIHL, and NWHL leagues
    • Weekly skills clinic or goalie clinic sessions and 1-2 practices per week
    • Consistent practice times throughout the season
    • One of the best coaching staffs available in the State of Illinois
    • New! Cyclones Select U15 Team
    • New! Cyclones Girls U14 Development Team
    • New! Jr. Cyclones and Jr. Cyclones Premium Program - More information coming soon!
    *Discount does not apply to tryout/registration fee, Travel Prep, Girls, Jr. Cyclones or Jr. Cyclones Premium programs.  Those with a past-due balance with the Cyclones will not be afforded the discount.

    2014-2015 Fall Coaching Line Up

    League Level Coaches
    CSDHL Midget U18 Krall, Jon/Rutili, Peter/Real, Mike
    CSDHL Midget U16 Real, Mike/Krall, Jon
    Independent Midget U15 Perillo, Mike
    NIHL Midget A Chmniak, Rick
    NWHL Midget NWHL Lietz, Jeff
    NIHL Bantam AA Heurlin, Vic
    NIHL Bantam A1 Barone, Chris
    NIHL Bantam A2 Gorczyka, Keith
    NIHL Bantam A3 Allamian, Marty
    NIHL Bantam A4 TBD
    NWHL Bantam Baginski, Tom
    CSDHL PeeWee 2002 Brandonisio, Ralph
    NIHL PeeWee A1 Rutili, Virgil
    NIHL PeeWee A2 Struwing, Dave
    NIHL PeeWee A3 Suyak, Scott
    NWHL Pee Wee NWHL 1 Strickland, Dave
    NWHL Pee Wee NWHL 2 Frano, Louie
    NIHL Squirt AA Heurlin, Vic
    NIHL Squirt A1 Yelle, Jim
    NIHL Squirt A2 Davis, Chris
    NIHL Squirt A3 Zuleger, Rob
    NWHL Squirt NWHL 1 Rule, Jay
    NWHL Squirt NWHL 2 TBD
    NIHL Mite AA Rutili, Peter/Brian Dempsey
    NIHL Mite A1 Zombo, Mike
    NIHL Mite A2 Carriere, Andre
    NIHL Mite A3 Conley, Ryan
    NWHL Mite NWHL 1 Hansen, Matt

    Cyclones Amateur Hockey Association is on FaceBook!

    Click on the link and like us on FaceBook!

    Cyclones Amateur Hockey Association

    Video introduction to the Cyclones

    Upcoming Club Events

    No upcoming events found.

    Cyclones Level Coordinators

    Joseph Lorusso

    Midget Level Coordinator - j.lorusso@comcast.net

    Joren Kaiser

    Bantam Level Coordinator - jkaiser@nhmteam.net

    Rich White

    PeeWee Level Coordinator - RichWhite912@gmail.com

    Jeff Iwinski

    Squirt Level Coordinator - jiwinski@yahoo.com

    Shuaib Shams

    Mite Level Coordinator - sshams@provtax.com