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MITES - Jr. Cyclones Travel & Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep

Mite Programming for Fall 2017/2018

The Cyclones are excited to announce that effective for the upcoming fall 2017-18 fall season the Fox Valley Hurricanes Mite hockey programs will become part of the Cyclones family as "Jr. Cyclones Travel". The Mite program will now operate under the organization and direction of the Cyclones, so that we can all leverage the benefits of being one hockey club.

Both the Cyclones and the Hurricanes would like to thank all of the Hurricanes families and players for their flexibility and patience as we continue to evolve along with the changing Mite hockey landscape in Illinois.

Jr. Cyclones Travel teams will compete in the Chicago United Hockey League (AAU/CUHL) in order to take advantage of "full ice games". In addition, we will continue to offer the Mite Hockey Prep program under the new name, Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep for those players that are preparing for full-ice games.

Jr. Cyclones Travel tryouts are scheduled for Aug 15-16 and are open to all players 2009 - 2012 that are interested in trying out for a Jr. Cyclones Travel team. Further details will be explained at a upcoming Jr. Cyclones Travel town hall meeting to be held at the Cyclones Conditioning Clinics on Aug 8-9.  

You can also email any questions to Hockey Director, Pete Rutili ( or Mite Level Coordinator, Ann Gerardi (

More details and fall registration will be available soon at - we look forward to a fun and exciting fall season!

Cyclones Executive Committee


Why are the Mite teams called Jr. Cyclones Travel, instead of Cyclones?

Because the Mite teams are members of the AAU/CUHL league, they cannot have the same name as the USA Hockey registered Cyclones.   However, they will wear the same jerseys and have the same logo as the Cyclones teams.

Why are the Mite teams playing in the AAU/CUHL?

In order to provide full ice hockey to our Mite membership for the entire year, and opportunities to play in full ice tournaments, the Jr. Cyclones Travel teams will play in the CUHL (Chicago United Hockey League).

Who can tryout for a Jr. Cyclones Travel team?

Any player born in 2009 or later can tryout for a travel team.  Players will be evaluated during tryouts with the top players placed on the top team.  Some players may be directed to continue development in Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep.

How many Jr. Cyclones Travel teams will there be?

The number of teams will be determined by the Hockey Director.   Teams will then be categorized as Jr. Cyclones Travel "Blue" or Jr. Cyclones Travel "Gold".  Blue team(s) will play in the CUHL "Travel" division.  Gold team(s) will play in the CUHL "House" division.  

We consider both of these divisions to be travel leagues, regardless of the division name CUHL "House".  Both CUHL divisions play only full ice games, have the same participating clubs, require the same commitment to travel and cost, and will have the same amount of practice ice.  The only difference is our Gold teams will play 6 fewer CUHL league games which will be made up by playing in scrimmage games with refs paid for by the club.

What is Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep?

The Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep  program is for the beginner level hockey player that has developed basic skating skills and has a goal to continue developing the hockey skills required to play full ice travel hockey. .  There is no set game schedule.  The Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep coaches and team manager will work with other local clubs to play cross-ice jamborees and/or full ice scrimmages throughout the season.

Where do I get game jerseys, socks and warm-ups?

Jr. Cyclones Travel will have the same uniform requirements as Cyclones teams.  Home and away jerseys and socks.  All uniform orders and other apparel needs will be handled by the Cyclones Apparel team.

Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep is not required to purchase game jerseys or socks.  Jr. Cyclones Travel Prep will be provided reversible practice jerseys.

Is there a "House" option for Mites?

The FVIA will continue to offer a Jr. Cyclones House option for Mites.  This is an in-house program - more information is available on the FVIA website.